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Rubi's Outdoors is Northern Saskatchewan Fishing Headquarters

We supply quality fishing products pertaining to the surrounding area. Being in an area littered with lakes and fantastic fishing, Rubi's Outdoors is here to supply fishermen with the tools they need to succeed. Currently we still have summer products, but we are also filled with winter fishing supplies of all shapes and sizes, designed to satisfy every fishermen's dreams.

Please drop on by our store so we can help you make that catch of a lifetime.

Our Mission

Rubi's Outdoors has a goal to bring quality fishing supplies to this outdoors community so the locals no longer have to get good products 5 hours away in the nearest city. We see a population where approximately 90% of people fish, while likely at least 50% desire quality gear, along with all the local guiding services and lodges. In a place where most recreational activities are on the lake, we noticed a demand for a store like ours and we are looking forward to supplying the community for years to come. While we are just a fishing store right now, we are called Rubi's Outdoors so we can expand to be a full blown outdoors store one day, however all good things take time. Our first expansion will be next spring when we bring in kayaks, both fishing and recreational, hopefully also renting kayaks, but we need to just take one step at a time.

We look forward to enhancing Creighton and areas outdoors experience for both our local residents and our visiting tourists.  

Our Vision

Creighton and Flin Flon are known for being mining communities, with the economy being driven by the local ore bodies beneath the surface. While the area still has lots of potential to continue this economical push, Rubi's Outdoors has a vision to enhance the local tourism. First step was bringing in a fishing store to supply fishermen, both local and visitors, with gear to catch the big ones and of course dinner. Next step we will bring in kayaks, so non-fishermen can still enjoy the peace of nature on the lake, hopefully renting kayaks for those who just want to enjoy the experience now and then. Our goal is to show the world the northern beauty that Saskatchewan and Manitoba have to offer, both in the summer and the winter. We also supply Beautifully built 12x8 Ice Shacks that customers can rent for the day, ideally getting families and friends out and about in the dead of winter. So we not only want to see summer tourism grow, but winter tourism also. We have a fantastic snowmobile trail system and Rubi's Outdoors actually sits practically on the trail, making it easily accessible for snowmobilers to stop in before they head out on a ride. We see the beauty and potential of the area, and we hope that visitors can get to see that too.