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Rubi's Hardwater Shacks

“You can relax in your t-shirt while catching fish in the dead of winter!”

“Staying at the shack to catch the Aurora Borealis after dark is a photographer's dream”



Who We Are

Our small ice fishing shack rentals has now become a part of Rubi’s Outdoors fishing and tackle store! These ice shacks are well built and designed to be cozy and warm, even on the coldest winter days!


Enjoy what the area has to offer

From sunrise to sunset, enjoy the crisp winter days from inside the shack, and enjoy the lake views from beside the nice wood stove. Keep a lookout for critter and maybe even get a glimpse of the northern lights dance across the sky.


Rubi's Hardwater Shacks

We are the only ice shack rentals in the area and can accommodate the entire family. We try to make our units accessible by truck and snowmobile all winter. We find a good location, separated from other personal shacks so you can have a relaxing day out on your own, where the kids and dogs can run around.


Rubi's Outdoors

With many different lakes and fish species to choose from, we have not selected our 2018-2019 lakes. Stay tuned to hear further details about our locations!


Ice Shack Interior

Our beautiful, fully finished interiors are bright and cozy for a day of fishing. The big windows allow you to watch your rods outside and let some air in when the stove heats up just hot enough to make you believe you are in the Bahamas.  The permanent benches can comfortably fit 6-8 people, but 4 really is a perfect number, maybe bring a fishing dog too.



We rent ice shacks by the day, and they are already set in one location for winter. We cannot rent them for overnight stays, but you can easily stay from dawn till dusk or a little later, we will accommodate your time the best we can.


Ice Shacks are $125 a day, this also includes; ice scoop, wood, stuff for cooking your catch; pan, utensils oil, batter, etc.